Thursday, March 05, 2009

Changes scheduled for the July 2009 edition

Comments are welcomed regarding the following major changes scheduled for the next edition.

University of Helsinki. A 20% of the size and visibility raw numbers are taken, considering that the City Hall shares the same domain

Imperial College data results from combining and

• Also in UK, University of Manchester is ranked according to the combination of its two domains

• The three domains of the Technical University of Munich are combined.

• The most controversial could be combining Caltech domain with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory one (under

• The very large repositories Citeseer and CiteSeerX are excluded from the calculations related the Pennsylvania State University

• The same applies for the database DBLP regarding University of Trier in Germany

Harvard Business School will be merged with Harvard University and the former entry will be deleted.

• Johns Hopkings “extra” domains will be combined with the central one and the additional entries will be deleted

• The figures from “La Jornada” subdomain will be excluded from the UNAM statistics

• The data from the two Cardiff University's domains will be merged

• The Jussieu campus webdomain will be merged to the UPMC and its entry deleted

Griffith University two domains will be combined

• The two domains of Universität Zurich are to be combined

• New and old domains for Ludwig Maximilians Universität Munchen will be unified.

• Same for Technische Universität Dortmund.

• The two/three domains of these Catalonian universities will be combined: Barcelona, Autónoma de Barcelona and Politècnica de Catalunya.

• The “universities de Strasbourg” domain ( will have an independent entry.

• These US universities ranking will take into account previous and current domains: Kansas State, Northeastern University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (the last one perhaps not)

• Under consideration merging the Dutch University Hospitals with their corresponding Universities

• The City College (CUNY) will be included in the main list even without having independent domain

Lund Institute of Technology will be merged into Lund University and its entry discarded

• There a few universities with faculties having fully independent domains. As there is central domain all these extra entries will be deleted but the data will not combined. Currently this applies to University of Zagreb , Warsaw University and Universidad de la República (Uruguay).


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